Gear oil performance test

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Gear oil performance test

Postby ogrady » 2007 Thu Sep 27, 9:38 am

Amsoil commissions a comprehensive gear oil test. This independent test reveals VERY interesting results of underwhelming performance by several well known gearoil manufacturers.

The most compelling result for me is that fully half the field of 14 gear oils tested failed the KRL sheer stability test. So tell me what do automotive differentials do when they turn? The crown and pinion gears slide over one another, this action sheers gear oil, so resisting this action is paramount and the first requirement in gear oil performance.

Also, passing this most important of requirements, the shear stability test doesn't mean your home free, this report shows there's a whole battery of performance requirements a gear lube has to meet and the gear oil you use is only as good as it's weakest performance area.

What do I mean? Well, if the gear oil you use passed the KRL sheer stability test with flying colors but failed the foam test or failed the oxidization test for instance, what good is it? A gear oil to protect your vehicles differential MUST deliver a balanced performance, meeting the test requirements in ALL parameters set out by gear oil standards. (481KB)
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