GM oil drains averaging 8,500 miles?

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GM oil drains averaging 8,500 miles?

Postby ogrady » 2005 Mon Oct 17, 10:05 pm

GM has enough data from it's customers vehicles to now state the average oil drain interval for their software driven 'Oil Life System' is 8,500 miles vs their competitions 5,000 miles. ... reases.pdf

The GM article goes on to state that 30,000 mile oil drain intervals are possible with minor engine modifications and appropriate oil quality.

Amazing... really extending oil drain intervals, like 25,000 miles, is what Amsoil has been promoting for decades! One can only grin when you know what's coming down the pipe is what Amsoil has been promoting all along.

Of course by the time other oils on the market are able to safely last for 30,000 miles in a specially designed GM vehicle, I expect Amsoil will have a 50,000 mile oil for lots of vehicles.

Piffle you say!?

Amsoil already has 25,000 mile oils!
Are you still on the 3,000 mile oil change treadmill? Put some convenience in your life!
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