Cornering the market?

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Cornering the market?

Postby ogrady » 2005 Mon Mar 07, 10:07 pm

Having problems finding a 505.01 oil for your Volkswagen 2003/2004 TDI? Other than buying from the dealership and leaving with a definite feeling of a lighter wallet, there is little motor oil available that meets this spec.

The reason why this is so I didn't learn until this weekend. Volkswagen is protecting it's turf. They are purposely NOT disclosing the testing parameters for the 505.01 protocol. There is a release letter from Volkswagen indicating they endorse Castrol as meeting the 505.01 spec on Castrol's web site.

I wonder why?

Castrol it seems has an exclusive agreement with Volkswagen to be Volkswagens lubricant supplier. Smell an odor?

This forces other lubricant manufacturers to reverse engineer their product and when significant numbers of other oil manufacturers have achieved a product they feel exceeds the 505.01 protocol, Volkswagen will change the requirements. This Volkswagen has just done. Look for another oil spec to immerge, thus keeping the wallets of new TDI buyers in North America close by Volkswagens' revenue stream.

This sillyness only applies to North America. In Europe the ACEA B3/B4 spec applies. If one goes by the ACEA B3/B4 spec when they are looking for a motor oil that exceeds the requirements of the current model TDI, Amsoil, (and other manufacturers) have several oils to choose from. Amsoil's European 5w-40 exactly matches the viscosity requested by the factory. is the link.

Is this the end or just the beginning of such a practise? I'm afraid it's just the beginning.
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